Since moving to Canada two years ago , I was looking for cute stores which carry fashion earrings , hair accessories and children items like when I was in Taiwan.

Then I decided to open LINHAN ACCESSORIES.


LINHAN is a mom with a very active two years old boy, who was looking for anything which is good for her boy such as the baby protector and kid guiding backpack.


Baby protector helps baby who learns how to stand , when he falls down on his back or bumps his head into the sofa or table.

Therefore,  baby protector is like a pillow that can be worn as a backpack,  to prevent his head and back to be hurt.


Kid guiding backpack helps mom to control kid who is trying to run away from her. 


LINHAN Accessories also carries different styles of jewelry and hair accessories.

Such as clip-on earrings , plated earrings and sterling silver earrings for who has sensitive ears and cute hair accessories for not only adults but also kids.


Come check out LINHAN ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!

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